Your Guide To Finding The Right Nordic Walking Pole

10 Sep


 It is not easy to find the right Nordic walking pole whether you are an expert in Nordic walking or you are just beginning.  Having the right Nordic walking stick can bring a whole new difference to your walking experience.   You can be able to find an ideal Nordic walking pole for your needs through the following guidelines.    Selecting the correct height is the first step when it comes to finding an ideal Nordic walking pole.   When purchasing your Nordic pole from York Nordic, this is one of the most important factors to consider. 

 If you choose a pole that is too short or too long for you, it can feel quite uncomfortable or even result to physical problems with time.  Normally, your elbows are supposed to be at a right angle when the tip of the pole is on the ground, and you are holding the grip.   When finding the right Nordic walking pole for your needs, you also need to consider the materials used.   The reason this is important is that there can be vast differences when it comes to the materials used for making the main shaft of the pole.  Mostly all the Nordic poles that are worth considering are made of pure carbon fiber or contains carbon fiber.  

 The amount of carbon fiber used in a pole can profoundly affect the feel and comfort.   Nordic walking stick s that are made of pure carbon fiber is of high quality.  These kinds of poles are more shock absorbent and lighter compared with the partial carbon fiber ones.  You should invest in a Nordic walking pole that is purely made of carbon fiber if you plan on walking for long distances or over uneven terrain.  Another vital thing to consider when searching for the right Nordic walking pole is the handles.   You can choose your poles with handles made from either foam, plastic, or cork. 

  Every one of these handles is replaceable in case they become worn out. Although cork is absorbent and gives you a nonslip grip, foam and plastic are more durable.  Lastly, it is essential to look for a Nordic walking pole that is well suitable for your set budget.   You can be able to compare the different types of poles and their prices by either checking online or walking into a store.   Just because a Nordic walking pole is inferior, it does not mean that you should automatically purchase it because it could cost you more within a short period.   It is advisable to budget on a quality pole if you are planning to be walking daily. Buy the high quality walking poles at 

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